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We produce creative effective efficient competitive video and webcasts

You can trust us to deliver. We are your video and webcast partner - recording and streaming conferences & events since 2000. We also edit and post-produce your business and end-user video from any source. Why not join our growing client list in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Financial and Service Industries.


Our Event Recording and Streaming Services

We work with clients direct or via event AV producers to record events with the minimum of fuss. We can meet most requirements - from 1 to 5 cameras or more, mixed or side-by-side PowerPoint, live webcast or edited after the event, at home or abroad. Get in touch for a quote.

Highlights, conceptualisation, pacy editing, vox pops, key stakeholder comments, music, visual effects: just tell us what you need. We can edit fast for delivery at the event and specialize in a 'humorous take' on proceedings much loved by delegates on the last day of a demanding conference. Need a quote? Get in touch.

New technologies have reduced the costs associated with traditional webcasting, as well as reducing the bulk of equipment needed. We can deliver multi-camera webcasts and video on demand recording from an average sized room. This means you can now let your clients, organisation or customers share in important events and announcements. Interested? Get in touch.

The creative potential today is incredible with cinema-like video for low budgets. Large sensor cameras let you keep the attention on the subject matter, for example an interviewee, while throwing the background into a pleasing blur of colours and shapes. 4K cameras, when working in an HD space, allow you to get high production-value effects like smooth tracking shots without needing to bring rails and a camera dolly - which keeps the costs down. With all of this available the key is a good plan and a good script. With qualified, specialist copywriters and screenwriters on hand, we will help you to refine and target your message. Sounds good? Get in touch.

More Video, Streaming & Editing services

We specialise in editing client video. You can send us complete multi-day conference material or end-user content and we will edit to your specification or create our own interpretation if preferred. Broadcast experience means we can locate the soundbites for a highlights production or simply 'top and tail' keynote speeches. Projects we have edited include a simulated terrorist highjacking shot on shakey consumer cams all the way to top tier International conferences shot in ProRes422. Sounds handy? Get in touch.

Whether you are good or not great in front of a camera, don't worry. We can offer PowerPoint bullet points or the complete script under the camera lens and will coach you in a relaxing and confidence-building manner to deliver your message with assurance. We bring professional lighting and have plenty of experience filming from novice to experienced presenters. Want to find out more? Get in touch.

Putting together a concept or story? Writing or refining a script? Or looking for creative ideas? We give you access to a range of experienced input. Or we can put a complete concept together for you after a creative brief. You can hire us at a day-rate or we can quote for any project, worldwide. Interested? Get in touch.

From the Aga Khan University in Karachi to backstreet Bogota we have the experience to deliver the content, interviews and footage you need. What do you have in mind? Get in touch.

More Features

Edit at your choice of location

Don't have time to travel to an edit suite? Don't worry! Call us in and we'll set up in seconds wherever you need us. You call the shots from your own place. Get in touchContact us for info and a quote.

Online collaboration

Share projects for review with your team - get feedback and review changes online for faster production - no more sending hard drives through the post. Get in touchContact us for more.

Streaming with PowerPoint

There are three ways to present a webcast with PowerPoint. We'll we delighted to talk you through the options to help you decide which is best for your next event. Get in touchContact us today.

Worldwide production

We have experience working in many overseas locations. If budgets are restricted we have versatile one-man crews which will cover your event, conduct intervews or gather footage. Get a quote now.

Media production training

Want your people to create more video? We can upskill your organisation in the essentials of quality video production, including shot planning, sound, lighting, composition and editing. Training packages can include assignments, critiques and ongoing help. Interested? Contact us.

Presentation coaching

Call us in to sharpen your delivery - in front of the camera or in front of an audience. With many years of experience with the likes of the BBC's Sandy Chalmers in presention coaching, we will make sure you deliver the best performance. Contact us for info and a quote.


Camera operators, vision mixers, tell us what you need. Contact us for rates.

Shooting Scripts

No win, no fee! Concept? Treatment? Outline? Shooting Script? Contact us.

more details...

We deliver high quality multi-camera live webcasts from under £1000 and single-camera webcasts from £450. We breakdown all the equipment details for you when we quote. This is based on your exact requirements. Why not contact us now for more information and a great quote for your next event?
We offer you great rates on recording your events globally. Choose how many cameras, integrated PowerPoint, Web e-Portal, ongoing HD hosting and more. We guarantee great camerawork and good close shots which will engage your audience. From as little as £450/day. Why not get a quote now?
A day's shoot-and-edit with professional lighting, radio microphones, autocue and delivery in any format you need from just £650. Why not find out more and book us today?
Edit suite with experienced editor: £350 per day or £50/hour. We will give you a quote before starting so you can budget securely. If you need us at your location, no problem, we have portable edit suites. Why not give us a brief and let us surprise you with our quote.
You can use our technical specialists on a day rate: Directors, Media & Presentation Trainers, PowerPoint specialists, Media & Webcasting consultants, Lighting Cameramen. give us a brief and let us give you a great quote.

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